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I suppose that the pretty star- Hilary Duff who is a new mommy waited long enough to get back into shape and back into her post pregnancy body. Though she always said she wasn’t in any rush. Apparently, she was being truthful because it’s just recently that she started hitting the gym, taking kick boxing classes and pilate classes. Though, she never really gained all that much weight to begin with. I guess that’s another reason the confident starlet was in no rush. But now, Hilary Duff seems to be determined to shed the last remaining pounds that she gained in her pregnancy. She’s already looking fabulous, though she truly had a beautiful pregnancy and looked ravishing every step of the way.

Follow Hilary Duff on Twitter- @HilaryDuff for updates on her endeavors. The new mom is really into this Social Network and always shares news and photos.

Check out Hilary Duff in this Twitter pic via- @HilaryDuff.

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Sexy, new and proud mom- Hilary Duff spends sometime with her sister- Haylie Duff. The sisters attended a business meeting in Palos Verdes, California and then hung out for awhile. Hilary Duff is a pretty busy gal but she makes time for everything. For the last few months she’s been completely submerged in motherhood, but as the little guy is getting a little bigger. Hilary Duff has been spotted in various locations working out as she sheds the last remaining pounds of her pregnancy. It seems like the ex- Disney starlet is getting ready to go back to work.

If you want to keep up with Hilary Duff, all you have to do is follow the Twitter use on her Twitter account: @HilaryDuff.

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